Quota conversion

*Interface address:

  • Domain name / V1 / user / trans

*Note: Kaiyuan chess and cards / Meitian chess and cards / Leyou chess and cards / PG electronic cannot transfer the quota in the game

*Very important: the quota conversion request timeout must be set to be greater than 30 seconds.

*Request parameters:

Field nametypelengthMandatoryExplain
UsernameString5-11yesMember name, no prefix required
Sign_keyString32yesEncrypted signature
Plat_typeString32yesPlatform type (see Appendix platform type)
MoneyInt10yesTransfer amount (negative indicates transfer out from platform, positive indicates transfer in), decimal is not supported
client_transfer_idString64yesThe order number of the conversion quota cannot exceed 64 bits. The uniqueness shall be guaranteed when the merchant platform transmits it

*Response parameters

Field nametypeExplain
StatusCodeStringSuccess.01: success; other failures;
MessageStringInformation corresponding to code

*Return data content


"statusCode": "01",




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