About us

NG(NEWNGAPI)Ng (newngapi) is a entertainment system supplier specializing in providing one-stop solutions for small and medium-sized websites. Over the years, we have cooperated with many real person entertainment, video game and sports game product suppliers to provide customers with the best quality VIP serial service.

Our mission

For a long time, ng has been taking customer first as its service tenet, providing customized customer service for customers, 7 / 24 comprehensive guarantee, tracking from docking to operation, in-depth understanding of customer needs, and formulating the optimal product docking plan. It can provide comprehensive support from technical support, operation support and fund processing, so as to solve problems for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our wish

Ng is the leading provider of vertical product solutions in the industry. We have the most professional slot website solutions, the most comprehensive sports product solutions and the most authoritative Texas poker solutions. Focus on providing the latest and most authoritative solutions for vertical products.

Our purpose

Ng continuously listens to and satisfies the needs of users, guides and ultimately surpasses the needs of users, and wins the respect of users. By improving the corporate status and brand image, ng enables employees to have a high sense of corporate honor and pride, and wins the respect of employees. Ng promotes the healthy development of the gaming industry, grows together with partners, and wins the respect of industry partners.

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