IBC Sabah Sports

IBC Sabah Sports
IBC Sabah Sports

For international operators who want to expand their brands to Asia,IBC Sabah Sports

The common product functions of Asian format platform and international platform include: administrator user access rights (user groups with specific access rights) - risk management tools - extensive reporting tools - player management tools - event and product controls - Wallet integration. China format sports platform

IBC Sabah Sports

Chinese format is a new design platform, focusing on the Chinese market. Specially adjusted the user experience, which is conducive to the international format sports platform of the northern market

IBC Sabah Sports
IBC Sabah Sports

IBC Sabah SportsIt also provides an international format platform. In addition to the above functions, some improvements have been made to better serve the European and international markets. Other products

  • E-sports gambling on competitive video games is the fastest growing industry in sports gambling, which is very popular in the new sub market of the millennial generation.
  • IBC Saba sports offers more than 85 games and supports the latest features, such as multiple game variants and bonus rounds.
    All games are equipped with high-definition audio and video interfaces, and a combination of atmospheric lighting and main control procedures. IBC Sabah sports content is available in multiple languages and currencies to ensure unrestricted access to the market
  • Virtual sports are computer-generated competitions, including football, horse racing, Greyhound, racetrack, racing, cycling and tennis.
  • The bet aggregator is a risk reduction service that helps our customers better engage with supporters and operate profitably.
  • The IBC Sabah sports ℠ platform has been integrated with a number of third-party service providers and statistical data providers. The licensee needs to reach a direct agreement with the relevant provider without worrying that the technology integration is in place.

Mobile solution IBC Sabah Sports Gamma Provides HTML5 based mobile betting interface, currently available for iPhone Gamma Android Gamma And other smartphones for the sportsbooks platform and number game. In the near future, more products will be integrated into the mobile betting interface. Service software innovation, development and maintenance of IBC Sabah Sports Gamma Its core IBC Sabah sports ℠ platform and ancillary services are being upgraded and updated, and licensees will automatically benefit from such enhancements (at no additional cost).

IBC Sabah Sports A key element of the service is the ability to assist potential licensees in determining the most appropriate software and service levels to maximize revenue and business benefits. Our experienced industry team can further examine your overall game business and specific sports gaming areas to determine how best to implement or integrate sports.

We take pride in the integration and product launch of our systems in a timely manner, and ensure that from the time our customers use our services, we are always in the whole IBC Sabah Sports Gamma Communicate fully in the process. Security and system integrity areIBC Sabah SportsGamma The core of the platform lies in the physical infrastructure of the system and its underlying user elements.

IBC Sabah Sports

IBC Sabah sports ng entrancehttps://mkt.saba.authapi.net/newindex?lang=zhcn

IBC Sabah sports interface document entryhttps://wiki.neapi.com/doku.php?id=ibc%E6%B2%99%E5%B7%B4%E4%BD%93%E8%82%B2


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