The national agent system can be easily promoted and upgraded

National promotion agency, user fission and upgrading, step consumption rebate, and help promote operation.

Support wechat login

Convenient login and higher retention

No transfer Wallet

Players do not need to change the quota, log in and play the major game platforms directly!

Native app anti hijacking

Bid farewell to hijacking and have a better experience
Support IOS and Android, let you seize the advantage of mobile terminal!

Full intelligent background management system

Full intelligent background management system, agent system and activity system. Built in a variety of classic marketing activities, free to set activity rules, turntable, red envelope, check-in, deposit gift, etc. Let you once and for all, no trouble.

Super defense system site security and stability

The top-level CDN three-dimensional anti attack system is adopted to fully resist DDoS or CC attacks in 24 hours.

Omnidirectional game categories

Chess and cards

Kaiyuan chess, FG chess, fried Jinhua, Leyou chess, new world chess, AP love chess, spade chess

True human

BG video, Ag video, DG video, Lebo video, BB video, SA video

Fishing class

BG fishing master, BG westward travel fishing, BB fishing master, JDB Dragon King fishing, JDB Dragon King fishing 2, JDB God of wealth fishing, Ag fishing king, FG beauty fishing, FG happy fishing, FG magic king, FG fishing and other popular fishing games.


BG electronics, Ag electronics, FG electronics, JDB electronics, PP electronics, cq9 electronics, SG electronics, Mg Electronics

Sports E-sports

New crown sports, Sabah sports, E-sports cattle, Pan Asian E-sports