Merchant FAQ popularization summary

  • Is our data secure in ngapi interface communication?

Data transmission and storage in ngapi interface communication are encrypted by private protocol, and the stored data is safe and reliable.

  • What is the relationship between apikey and my account password in the interface, and how can I maintain apikey?

apikey 是接口游戏与NG平台通信和鉴权的凭证,帐号密码则属于提供 apikey 管理、查询、额度充值、体系的范畴,两者之间存在的映射关系由NG商户后台服务维护;我们的推荐做法是将 apikey 与商户自身产品如网站、APP所提交访问NG平台的服务器ip进行绑定,这一步也是必须必要的安全策略。

关于我们现场真人视讯接口 AG众多不理解的 AGandAGSThe interface can be directly clicked for reference.

  • NGApplication for opening an account

Please refer to Ng interface account opening application

Please refer to Ng interface development document or Doku development document Ng merchant background address

  • Matters needing attention

Solemnly remind: merchants who buy and sell through unofficial channels and resell will be closed once found, and they will be responsible for all the losses and consequences caused. Our source code purchased by individuals or other places does not provide any technical support. At present, it has been found that the source code purchased or obtained by a small number of merchants and other three parties includes backdoor or member data disclosure. We can only express our regret. Ng interface can not be controlled except AGS. For example, websites or individuals promote our interface to you or any interface with win-win control. Those electronically controlled are all liars. All PHP net WAPs in the demo station support except picturesOnline updating, please get it reasonably from the official channel.

If you are sure that you cannot find or contact your account holder, that is, your superior, please allocate the remaining amount reasonably in time and choose to reopen the account immediately after using up the remaining amount. In order to reduce unnecessary troubles and protect the interests of the merchant, the only contact for any problems in the use process is the superior of the account holder. The merchant can use the official email and Skype: [email protected] And the back channel of merchants to make complaints and reports.

Our offer:
1. Self operation mode
2. Packet network platform mode

  • Purpose of the quota

After a new account is opened, it is default that all platforms log in to the merchant background figure 1 or their website background figure 2 after an account is displayed as 20, where 20 is 0, do not think there is 20 yuan. The amount charged by the merchant is long-term effective (for the merchant who has not used or is less than 1000 for a long time, the official has the right to recycle)

Figure 1 quota is 20
Figure 2 quota is 20

这里的额度是统称为平台额度 申明平台额度不是用来给玩家充值的 是自己的玩家在进行充值后例如玩家A充值了1000元RMB 想去玩AGS视讯 如果自己平台上的AG额度低于1000元,是进入不了游戏的,只有自己平台上面有额度了 玩家才能把钱包里的钱转入游戏如AG然后开始正常游戏,如果玩家中途退出来想进入比如BBIN电子 其原理一样 自己可以根据自身的玩家需求对平台进行补分,当玩家输了在某游戏1000元RMB,你平台上的的某游戏的额度就会相对应的减少1000E额度,相反如果是盈利了1000元平台上的额度也会相对应的增加1000元。通过玩家申请提现,赢得的分数会根据玩家退出游戏,转入玩家钱包,最后财务批准后玩家钱包的提现金额自动转入到平台额度。

  • Version and update

see also Version update history

  • appendix:



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