Since 2019, Boya interactive has repurchased 4.675 million shares in total

The most common way for listed companies to give back to investors in the capital market is to buy back and pay dividends. For listed companies, through share buyback, we can adjust and improve the ownership structure of the company, and lay a good foundation for the long-term development of the company. Moreover, it can maintain or improve the level of earnings per share and the stock price of the company, give shareholders a higher return, and reduce operating pressure.

The Company repurchased 793000 shares on September 4, 233000 shares on September 10, 212600 shares on September 17, 956000 shares on September 20, at a cost of HK $1152100, 245000 shares on September 27, 294700 shares on September 30, and 313000 shares on October 4. On October 18, an additional HK $3583 was spent to buy back 308000 shares. 

After the announcement of interim performance in 2019, the company has repurchased 3.5456 million shares, involving 4.0592 million capital. &According to incomplete statistics, in 2018, Boya interactive bought back 34.85 million shares in total. Since 2019, 4.675 million shares have been repurchased. 

Return to investors with a special dividend of HK $0.276 per share 


Share buyback and dividend payout is a very common practice in mature markets. When the stock price of listed companies is too low, buyback is a better "self certification method" than extension expansion. The best sign for managers to take investors as the standard is to implement buyback when the stock price is undervalued. Through buyback, the share capital can be reduced, the net capital and net profit per share can be increased, and the confidence of the management can be demonstrated. At the same time, it is an alternative way of cash dividend.

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