Cq9 interface API

Cq9 interface API

Introduction to system supplier

Cq9 interface API is divided into legendary electronic interface and Yaxing cq9 video interface. Professional software and hardware equipment, high-quality live broadcast image quality and breakthroughs in video streaming technology provide players with the best quality products. Game fairness attaches importance to the fairness of the game. Professional technology and customer service team always check to minimize various risks. High quality and high-level products, professional and beautiful Dutch officials, warm and luxurious game pictures, easy-to-operate interfaces and complete functions, high-level products absolutely attract the attention of players. Create a characteristic game hall. Each game hall has different characteristics and functions to meet the needs of all kinds of players and diversified experience.

Brand vision

Cq9 creates a variety of leisure and entertainment games,
Provide the highest quality products,
The goal is to become a leading brand in the industry.

CQ9 不间断的研发制造,
With rich experience and active cooperation ability,
Rapidly expand the business territory.

Looking to the future,
Cq9 will make full use of various technologies and data,
Enrich the market and meet various needs of customers.

Product quantity 

  • More than 200 diversified game products
  • Professional technology and all-round consulting services
  • Perfect combination of market and business needs
  • 亚洲最具竞争力游戏供应商


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