The latest ob E-sports API game interface in 2021

Introduction to ob

OB game originates from Odense, Denmark in Europe. It is a world-famous Danish fairy tale town and the hometown of Andersen. OB game sees the rapid development of the Asian online game market, and has successively contacted Asian game manufacturers and reached cooperation since 2008. Finally, it reached the first game service cooperation project with a Philippine game studio in 2014, and has opened the Asian market since then. OB e-sports game is a leading E-sports data service platform, which we provide for many partnersE-sports API interface, e-sports game event data analysis services, including event score data, guessing odds, team player information, E-sports data API service items

development history

        OB group is a video game developer, publisher and distributor headquartered in Odense, Denmark. It was first founded in 2000. Odense Borger, the Department responsible for developing original games, was established in 2002 and is famous for developing high-quality online video games. In 2004, the online game R & D Department moved to Hamburg, Germany. In 2008, OB launched digital distribution service (original name)OLD BUS Games)。 In 2014, OB group established ob game video game distribution business and began to set foot in the Asian market. It has in-depth cooperation with many game companies in China, Singapore and the Philippines.


Team Introduction

  • Product team

    The product team composed of a number of E-sports elites in the industry combines the strengths of hundreds of Companies in product experience, player needs and functional design, coupled with a unique way of thinking and a wild product concept, and strives to build a benchmark of world E-sports products.

  • Trading team

    The trading team is made by top traders with more than ten years of trading experience, and the quality is forged with professionalism; Escort with strength; Win favor with innovation.

  • Design team

    Created by professional design teams at home and abroad and combined with fashion cutting-edge elements such as E-sports and science fiction, it will bring a visual feast to domestic players.

  • Technical team

    As the first batch of E-sports technology teams in the industry, they have experience in independently developing E-sports background and maintaining a complete set of background: and combined with the latest distributed technology to ensure product stability, fluency and timeliness.

  • 赛事全面 Comprehensive competition
  • 滚球多样 Variety of rolling balls
  • 赔率最高 Highest odds
  • 提前结算 Early settlement
  • 尖端技术 Cutting edge technology
  • 电竞咨询 E-sports consulting
  •  实时聊天 Real time chat
  •  精准风控 Precise risk control
  •  赛事推荐 Event recommendation
  • 派奖速度 Prize sending speed
OB E-sports API game interface
OB E-sports API game interface
OB E-sports API game interface



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