Select the DDoS attack of the chess and card company to promote the high defense server

近日,该案的承办人、深圳市南山区人民检察院知识产权检察部部长杨杰在接受记者采访时表示,随着互联网应用越来越深入,这类案件是爆发性的增长。不少黑客都是“自学成才”,他们分工明确,与传统的盗窃等犯罪相比,这种新型犯罪的危害更大,严重的可能会造成上亿元的损失。 “当前,有关的司法解释和很多的办案手段还比较滞后,对办案人员的专业能力要求也越来越高,相关的办案理念、办案思路都要更新的快一些,才能跟上形势。”杨杰说。


Sorry, the server is out of order. We are repairing it. Please wait a moment and try again. On the weekend of February 26, 2017, when playing online games such as doulandlord, many users suddenly found that the game page could not log in. Soon, the staff of the game company found out the reason, the server was attacked by "DDoS", and the attack traffic peak reached 450g.

The so-called "DDoS", that is, "distributed denial of service", refers to the use of client / server technology to combine multiple computers as an attack platform to launch a network attack on one or more targets, thus multiplying the power of denial of service attacks. It is generally understood that when a hacker grasps a large number of computer resources and commands them to visit a website or IP address at the same time, the website will be paralyzed because it cannot carry a huge amount of visits.

After a wave of large-scale cyber attacks, game companies received a significant email. The email pointed out that the server defense of game companies is not large enough. If there is a need to improve the defense, you can contact them through the contact information in the email. The game company did not respond to this. On March 15 and March 16 of the same year, the same attack reappeared.


"Dark night team" launched a cyber attack in Laos

In early 2017, Yuanmou and yaomou were employed to set up a hacker organization called "night group" in Laos. Mr. Yuan, Mr. Yao, Mr. Li and Mr. Zhou successively went to Laos from home to live in a closed management villa and received wages ranging from 6000 yuan to 20000 yuan per month.

The division of labor within the "night group" is clear. Among them, some are responsible for providing funds, designating targets for attack, some are responsible for daily management, receiving instructions from superiors, some are responsible for computer maintenance, software debugging and other related technical support, others are responsible for IP analysis, server "attack" and other work in the organization, and even some financial personnel are responsible for paying salaries to personnel in the organization and engaging in logistics work. &To launch a network attack, hackers must control the "chicken" in the early stage. The reporter noted that in the "dark night group", someone was specially responsible for "receiving quantity" from network hackers (pointing to domestic hackers who illegally purchased the control right of "chicken" server), and testing the amount of attack traffic of the received "chicken" server.

After acquiring a large number of server resources, the "Night Team" basically has the ability to launch "DDoS" attacks. Members use Trojan software to control multiple "chickens" from "revenue", which can continuously attack specific target IP, block the network, and seriously lead to the server network paralysis of the target IP.

This also appeared above one scene, the server of game company is paralyzed, the user cannot open the page or drops the line frequently. &Nbsp; for the purpose of the "dark night group" launching the network attack, Yang Jie said that the organization mainly carried out "DDoS" attacks against the servers of online chess and card games in China, the purpose of which is to let these game companies purchase their high-level defense services and use their designated or agent servers, similar to "thugs", which is also the reason why they sent e-mails to the game companies after the attack.

11Six members were punished for the crime of destroying computer information system

After receiving the alarm, the public security organ shall file a case in time. After discovering the abnormality, the members of the "night group" disbanded the group and returned to China in batches. Around July 2017, the public security organs successively arrested many people involved in the case. In order to better guide the investigation, the procuratorial organ also intervened in advance.

"During the period of review and prosecution, the suspects began to plead not guilty." Yangjie recalled that after returning for supplementary investigation at that time, he sorted out the whole attack chain, connected the person who provided the attack resources with the person who purchased the attack resources through relevant evidence, clarified the relationship between the attack behavior and the consequences of the damage, and finally all the 11 suspects pleaded guilty.

In March 2018, Nanshan District Procuratorate of Shenzhen city initiated a public prosecution against Yao, yuan and other 11 people. Prosecutors allege that the "dark night team" used 14 control end servers of "revenue" to continuously attack Tencent cloud servers on February 26, March 15 and March 16, 2017, resulting in many online game companies being blocked IP and unable to operate normally. &According to Nanshan District Procuratorate of Shenzhen City, 11 people, including Yao and Yuanmou, violated the state regulations and used "DDoS" attacks to interfere with the functions of computer information system, resulting in the abnormal operation of computer information system, with especially serious consequences. Their actions violated the criminal law and should be prosecuted for their criminal responsibility for the crime of destroying computer information system.

“公诉机关指控的犯罪事实清楚,证据确实、充分,指控罪名成立。”据此,法院认定姚某、原某犯破坏计算机系统罪,分别判处有期徒刑两年。李某等其他9人分别被判处有期徒刑一年到一年零四个月不等。 “网络黑产的产业链日益复杂,犯罪手段智能化、专业化、跨境化等趋势也越来越明显。同时,新的案件情况也给具体的法律适用带来了挑战。”

Zhu Jinsong said that the successful judgment of the "night group" case made the hacker groups subject to legal punishment, which caused great shock in the industry, and hoped that the case could play a good exemplary role. With the development of economy, the demands of new economic forms for judicial governance are increasing, and we expect to have better legal weapons to protect the development of Internet industry.

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