Entertainment electronic interface

NEWNGAPI's flexible and powerful API integration engine can integrate all game product suites into a complete cross-platform system, and continues to add third-party cooperative game providers, from video live broadcast, electronic gaming, sports events, lottery lotto, Five major products, such as chess and card battles, can be easily integrated and docked to customers' existing platforms through APIs, and provide open API documents, which can be easily developed on PC, WAP, or APP. It has access to 60 game platforms and more than 6000 games.

The entertainment electronic interface includes: PG electronics, Ag electronics, bbin electronics, Pt electronics, Mg electronics, MW electronics, SA electronics, PP electronics, cq9 electronics, SG electronics, GPI electronics, QT electronics, JDB electronics, FG electronics, SW electronics, bng electronics, DT electronics, PG electronics, GTI electronics, GA electronics, GNS electronics , RT electron, ISB electron, PGs electron, Hb electron, etc. can be referred to as follows.



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