Agency cooperation

Agent application:

About ng agents, ng agents are provided to website, app, software and other developers. Agents need to be able to interface, build websites and have basic operation and maintenance knowledge. In addition, at present, merchants are prohibited from opening their own agents from operation, and once found, they will be banned permanently.

The agent can open the subordinate merchants in the agent background, and the agent can promote the subordinate merchants through the promotion registration link in the agent background.

The agent can participate in the recharge and commission of all subordinate merchants.(100% commission generated through promotion link will be refunded)

Agent application price contact customer service. (SKYPE:live:newngapi)

Other authorities, policies and benefits of the agent will be known after the official opening of the agent.

Although the agent has the right of official technical support, he / she needs to have basic technical knowledge of website construction and operation.

Agent Description:

  • The agent shall not cheat the offline operation merchants. Once found and verified, the ng official has the right to confiscate the agent qualification and cancel the agent commission without any conditions. At the same time, we hope that you can actively report the fraud and other deceitful individuals or websites pretending to be the official, and we will strictly punish them.
  • The official has the right to recycle the agents obtained through abnormal channels.
  • All the agents applying for official services enjoy permanent technical and after-sales support, and can directly join the official Skype agent group. We do not provide any assistance to the agents who apply unofficially, such as the agents who buy cheaply outside, who are cheated, account password and other problems. In addition, there may be no technical support



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