Recharge proportion of merchant API interface quota


Merchant description
For the official recharge channel, please click [Online Payment] or [cgpay recharge] in the background of API Management (i.e. merchant back desk management], this is the only recharge channel of NG official, do not trust any other channels!!! Otherwise, the consequences will be borne by yourself! The minimum recharge for a single line is 10000.
Matters needing attention
The above quota points are for reference only, and the details are subject to the background of API management. In order to protect the interests of all agents, please contact the only superior (your account holder) for any questions during the use of the merchant, and the official will not answer any questions. No superior merchant, please open a new account directly. If you find that the superior deceives the merchant, you can contact the official directly, and the agents who cheat the merchant will be disqualified. Report email or Skype: [email protected]

Be careful:

In case of any security or property damage to the API interface account sold by a third party or an individual, all consequences shall be borne by themselves. Please contact your only superior, who is your account holder, for any problems in the use of the merchant. The minimum recharge amount is 10000.

NG官方现在严厉打击针对少数骗取商户钱财的代理商,一经查证情况属实永久收回代理资格(取消全部佣金,部分退还被骗者),我们坚决杜绝此类事情发生,举报邮箱 [email protected] 我们将及时处理。


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