Sponsor game developers to apply blockchain

Sponsor game developers to apply blockchain

Around March this year, forte, which provides the blockchain technology platform for the game industry, and xpring, a developer ecological fund of ripple, announced that,Invest US $100 million to set up a fund to help game developers make better use of blockchain Technology。该笔资金将与Forte的技术平台一起运作,同时包含与Ripple合作设计的开源解决方案,从而加速区块链技术在游戏中的广泛应用。


Open source ILP cross ledger agreement

Forte与Ripple密切合作设计的技术堆栈,利用开源的Interledger Protocol(ILP跨账本协议) 与XRP(瑞波币)作为基础结算货币对, 配合基于容器的托管解决方案Codius,实现跨区块链的无缝交易。Forte通过专注于解决跨链协同性问题奠定了消费者长期稳定使用区块链的基础。Forte的平台已经集成了这项极易游戏开发者使用的技术。

Forte团队由游戏行业资深人士组成,他们开发过全球最赚钱的游戏和顶尖的技术平台。创始人均来自业内领先的游戏公司,如Kabam, Unity和GarageGames。

Forte is also supported by a large number of investors, consultants and partners. Investment institutions include a16z crypto, Andreessen Horowitz, battery ventures, Canaan partners, coinbase ventures, 1confirmation, etc. Forte also received support and investment from a number of blockchain leaders, including Fred ehrsam, co-founder of coinbase, Balaji Srinivasan, co-founder of earn.com and chief technology officer of coinbase. Richard Lyons, former dean of the Haas School of business at the University of California, Berkeley, joined Forte as a resident economist.

"An important innovation of blockchain technology is that it unleashes the huge potential of almost all forms of digital interaction. Game is a global industry with a scale of 140 billion US dollars, which is mainly driven by small digital transaction mode. We believe that the data integrity and flexibility mechanism advantages of blockchain technology will benefit the industry greatly. " Brett seyler, chief platform officer of forte, pointed out that "the game industry needs to be able to support large-scale cross chain collaborative solutions in this economic model."

The history of the game industry is written in the new business model and the larger market generated by each technology iteration. From pay per view arcade games to retail box games accompanied by PCs and game consoles, from digital download games after the birth of the Internet to free games popularized with cloud technology, to mobile games participated by billions of players today. The game industry has fully adapted to the constantly updated business model and technological revolution, growing from $1 billion 30 years ago to $140 billion today. Blockchain technology is the carrier of next generation transformation, which can create new business models and game economic system.

"We are very happy to work with such a world-class game industry senior team, forte and ripple both believe that blockchain will have a huge impact on the game. Providing a set of platform tools that do not need to master blockchain technology in depth and are easy to use is a necessary prerequisite for the scale of blockchain terminal consumers. "Ethan beard, senior vice president of ripple xpring fund, said.

Forte is actively funding game developers who meet the standards."If developers have wired games with more than 10000 active users every day and try to improve their business through blockchain technology, please contact us.”Allen Ma, vice president of Forte partnerships.

Speaking of the topic of cooperation with the developer community in China, Geng Weiwei, managing director of Forte China, pointed out: "when Forte was founded, we attached great importance to game developers and operators from China. We are willing to support the development team with our common aspiration to explore the future of blockchain games and how to apply blockchain technology in traditional games. ".

About Forte

Forte总部位于旧金山,致力于为游戏行业打造区块链技术平台和产品。通过解决幕后的核心技术难题,Forte为游戏开发者和玩家建立起一致的未来。Forte的创始团队由Kabam, GarageGames, Unity, Linden Lab和Gen.G电竞等领先公司的游戏平台开发,游戏设计和发行专家组成。

About Xpring

Xpring is an investment fund for blockchain application infrastructure construction initiated by ripple. By working with innovative blockchain projects, xpring aims to build a strong community of developers, entrepreneurs and companies that will use blockchain technologies such as interleaver and XRP ledger to transform industries.


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