Ng interface in July 2019, mobile game comprehensive ranking "peace elite" won the first place in Android channel

Ng interface: in July 2019, mobile game comprehensive ranking "peace elite" won the first Android channel

Date: 8 / 31

NG interface发布了2019年7月份中国移动游戏综合排行。其中,腾讯的《跑跑卡丁车官方竞速版》拿下安卓、iOS双平台冠军。综合榜中《和平精英》在经历了四个月的高处不胜寒之后被挤到了第二名,《王者荣耀》重回前三。

Here is the list:

China Android mobile game monthly ranking July 2019

中国Android 移动游戏月度排行

In July 2019, Tencent hosted the top four game works in the Android Market. Its two game works, the official racing version of running kart and longzu fantasy, received good market feedback. Peace elite and glory of the king still performed well.

China Mobile Games monthly ranking July 2019


The newly launched "official racing version of running kart" won the top position of "peace elite" for four consecutive months, and "glory of the king" returned to the top three, with leisure games occupying half of the list of mobile games.



·"Untouchable palm" is developed and created from the original series of works "imprisoned palm", which is exclusively represented by BiliBili. The popularity of love cultivation game works is not reduced. In addition to the story line of the game itself, interactive experience is also an important factor to determine the retention of players.

·"Shining warm" is the latest hand game work of warm series under the fold paper network. The game is presented in 3D and integrates the card mode on the basis of the core changing playing method. With the further expansion of the female players, not only the demand for female to the game works is increasing, but also the demand for the pre experience of the game playing method is gradually increasing.

·"LEGO infinite" is a platform sandbox game authorized by LEGO Group and independently developed by Tencent. The game fully integrates LEGO elements, has a high degree of freedom of fighting, exploration, production, manufacturing and other game mechanisms, and supports multi category self-made map playing. The educational function of sandbox games promotes the relevant works to play an important role in the cross-border application of non game scenes.

Data source:NG interface


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