Bangalore, Philippines: Congress will decide whether to ban online gambling

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Philippine presidential spokesman benilo said on August 31, 2019 Beijing time today that since the gambling industry is currently legal in the Philippines, the decision whether the Philippine online gambling industry should be declared illegal depends on the Congress, not the executive department.
Bannero issued the statement after China asked the Philippines to ban all online gambling activities involving Chinese people.Philippine entertainment gaming company has suspended the issuance of licenses to new Filipino offshore gaming company applicants。 班尼洛今天在北京东方君悦大酒店与采访杜特地总统访华的菲媒体代表团成员举行的新闻发布会期间表示,Whether to outlaw online gambling will be decided by Congress, because President dutti cannot do it alone, even if he wants to。 Bannero said he did not know whether the request to ban online gambling would be considered. What he knew was that President dutidi was willing to accept what China said and the Chinese explanation. "He cannot declare it illegal because it depends on the decision of Congress," he said. If they declare that all gambling is illegal, then there will be no more online gambling. " Bannero said:“Their business here is legal. Maybe what we can do is to be very strict in licensing


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