Tens of thousands of bank cards, nearly 2000 corporate accounts, sold in complete sets

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Recently, a large-scale bank card business criminal network, which operates cards in China and carries out fraud abroad, was destroyed by the police. More than 600 suspects were arrested. More than 11000 bank cards and 1800 corporate to public accounts were seized by the police.

Bank card complete set of foreign telecom fraud

These thousands of bank cards, which are filled with the whole conference room, are the bank cards found by the police in a dens in Pingxiang City, Guangxi Province. They are members of the gang selling bank cards. At that time, they were preparing to pack and transport these bank cards that had accumulated for seven days to overseas for use by those who engaged in telecommunication fraud abroad.

He Wei, deputy team leader of the criminal investigation branch of Chongzuo Public Security Bureau, Guangxi: we have solved similar cases in normal times, that is, the dens selling bank cards. Generally speaking, there are more than 100 sets, or more than 2300 sets. But this time more than 4500 sets of bank cards and more than 600 sets of corporate data were seized, which should be quite rare in China.

These bank cards to be sent abroad are not a single bank card, but a complete set of bank cards combined with mobile phone cards and u-dun. These complete sets of bank cards are divided into two categories: "small set" and "large set". Among them, the "small set" includes private bank cards, hand-held cards, u-dun and ID cards, while the "small set" includes the business license of the company , company seal, bank card and corporate account are called "big set".

No matter "small set" or "large set", they are necessary tools for telecom network scammers to transfer funds. Through the preliminary investigation, the police found that these complete sets of bank cards were collected from all over the country to a company in Pingxiang City, Guangxi in recent months. The express company arranged personnel to transport them to Vietnam, air transport them to the Philippines through Vietnam, and finally flow into various telecommunication network fraud crime dens in Southeast Asia. The legal person of this express company is Jiang, who has worked in the Philippines.

Pingxiang City, Guangxi is the South Gate of China, and Vietnam is the place to cross the friendship pass. Jiang sent someone to transport the bank cards near the border. After contacting the overseas cargo receiving personnel, he took pains to smuggle these complete sets of bank cards into Vietnam.


Chiang Moumou, a criminal suspect, was very few at the beginning. In the latter case, they develop customers anyway. Maybe they just see that I can transport them here. Slowly, there are more customers.



2000 buy 15000 and sell "black intermediary" bank cards for huge profits

More than 10000 sets of bank cards, including resident ID card, bank U shield, mobile card, company business license, corporate account, etc. How to deal with so many bank cards? According to the investigation, one of the important links is that a large number of intermediaries engaged in illegal transaction of bank cards, who are responsible for purchasing card cards, hiring card openers to open bank cards, then selling bank cards, forming a huge black and gray industry chain.

Outside the Sanhe talent market in Shenzhen, there are active black intermediaries who buy and sell bank cards. When the reporter just walked outside the Sanhe talent market, someone recommended the business of buying and selling bank cards to the reporter with the gimmick of being free and making money.


No need to work, as long as you sign for help, you can earn 200 yuan a day, and you can eat and live according to the standard of 50 yuan a day. Such an easy way to earn money sounds really attractive. So what is the so-called signature? After several times of questioning, the intermediary told the reporter that the so-called signature is to let the reporter follow them to Guangzhou City as a legal person Industrial and commercial departments register shell companies, open corporate accounts in banks, apply for complete sets of bank cards, and then sell them a set of 2000 yuan. Where will these so-called intermediaries sell these bank cards after buying corporate accounts and complete sets of bank cards from card operators? The suspect pan opened the secret for us. Before the crime, pan was engaged in the illegal trading of complete sets of bank cards in Guangzhou.


犯罪嫌疑人 潘某某:倒卖这个的话,如果说后面是新的话,可能是做一些网上的商店,淘宝什么的,可能问题都不是很严重。如果他是拿去用于诈骗,或者是用于网络赌博,或者是用于一些什么洗黑钱的话,那这个的话就很严重,看后面他们是怎么用法。

A large set of bank cards bought at 2000 yuan will be turned over several times, and the price will be increased layer by layer. Finally, they will be sold to overseas telecom fraud gangs at a price of about 15000 yuan, from 2000 yuan to 15000 yuan, with such high profits in the middle, driving the black intermediary not only to buy and sell complete sets of bank cards in coastal provinces of Fujian Province, Guangdong Province, but also to expand this illegal transaction to 27 provinces and cities in China. Police Only with the clue of Jiangmou, Pingxiang City, Guangxi, we found 567 bank card trading centers nationwide.


He Wei, deputy team leader of the criminal investigation branch of Chongzuo Public Security Bureau, Guangxi: reselling bank cards has actually formed a very huge underground black ash industry, and its profits are very high. Like Jiang, they just resell bank cards and earn transportation fees. Every month, their profits will exceed one million.

Open your own card, sell your own card, greedy for small profits, sell your own private bank card at will

More than 10000 bank cards are going to be delivered to overseas telecommunication fraud gangs, and whose cards are they? According to the police investigation, most of these complete sets of bank cards are opened by the card issuer himself, and then sold to the intermediary, who opens and sells the cards himself, which has become a money earning channel for some people.

Qi, a college student during his internship, found a job in a company just a few months ago. In this company, Qi not only gets a basic salary, but also sells his nine bank cards to the company for a large reward.


Qi revealed that in their company, they are engaged in the business of buying and selling bank cards. At the beginning, the business is still very cold, but just a month or two later, the business becomes hot, and there are a large number of people who come to consult and sell their bank cards.

What kind of people will sell personal bank cards and mobile phone cards as commodities? Jiaozuo police in Henan Province seized more than 6000 sets of bank cards in this unified action. Through the analysis of these bank cards, the police found that there are two categories of people who open their own cards and sell their own cards.


"Black eating black" promotes "bank card guarantor"

The huge profits brought by buying and selling complete set of bank cards also give birth to a special group, that is, "bank card hostages", that is, after the card issuer sells his own bank cards, he goes to overseas fraud dens to act as "hostages" for these bank cards, to guarantee that the bank cards he or she sells will not be used to "eat black". Going abroad to act as a guarantor for the bank cards sold by the police is a new group found in the unified crackdown. The background of these groups is that there are more and more "black eating" phenomena in the network telecommunication fraud gangs. "Black eating black" in the telecommunication network fraud, refers to the card seller or the intermediary who sells the card, and takes such means as reporting the loss of the bank card to intercept the funds from the fraud by the fraudsters.


Li Sanqing, deputy chief of anti fraud center of Jiaozuo Public Security Bureau, Henan Province: with more and more cases of telecommunication fraud, the criminal suspect is also considering the safety of his funds. After he bought these bank cards, he often had a "black eat black" situation. The money he swindled came into this bank card, and then the card issuer reported the card loss directly. After reporting the loss, he took the money himself. In order to prevent this from happening, they directly ask the card issuer, or you arrange a guarantor. You need to come to me as a "hostage" and a mortgage.

Suspect Liu is such a bank card as guarantor of the "hostage.". Liu revealed to the police that it was not one or two people who went abroad to guarantee the bank cards he sold, but hundreds of people. The reason why Liu chose to be a bank card guarantor overseas is that he can get more rewards than selling his own bank card.

To go to a foreign country and guarantee for a bank card is actually to act as a "hostage", because once there is a black eating situation, the guarantor will face personal danger.


Xu Zhijie, deputy chief of the Criminal Police Brigade of Boai County Public Security Bureau, Henan Province: if you say that this guarantor guarantees these 100 cards, during the use of these 100 cards by criminal gangs, they call them hanging cards, the technical term is hanging cards, and there are many cases of hanging cards. There are beatings, and then illegal detention does not allow him to come back. In a word, if the money is found and released, if it is not found, he will not be able to return overseas.

In the opinion of experts, these "hostages" not only bear personal risk, but also are suspected of joint crime and need to bear corresponding legal responsibility.


Liu Renwen, Professor of the Criminal Law Research Office of the Law Research Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences: if you know that the other party wants to use the information to engage in illegal and criminal activities, and you still sell the information to the other party, this is likely to constitute a joint crime, then if the joint crime, he will bear criminal responsibility, which is the first level. On the other hand, if the trafficking of your personal information leads to other legal consequences, you should also bear some responsibilities in civil law.

In addition to taking legal risks, selling personal bank cards will also damage personal credit.

Liu Renwen, Professor of the Criminal Law Research Office of the Law Research Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences: for example, if you want to handle this kind of bank card illegally, he will forbid you to handle this business again within a certain period of time. In addition, now we include companies, including individuals, and some regulations and records on social credit, so if you are blacklisted because of this, in fact, he will bring a lot of potential consequences and side effects to his work, life, and subsequent career development.

Expert opinion: bank card trading needs both symptoms and root causes

Personal bank cards are sold at will, and black intermediaries are chasing after money and chasing profits to buy and sell bank cards. These have become the important reasons for the high incidence of telecom network fraud. How to curb the phenomenon of random buying and selling of bank cards? Experts suggest that the sale of personal bank cards be included in the scope of criminal law.


What makes all the investigators have a headache is that when the police invest a lot of manpower and material resources in the fight against telecommunication network fraud, some card openers sell their personal bank cards at will for personal small profits, and provide fraud tools for overseas telecommunication network fraud gangs, which leads to the increasing manpower and material resources that the police need to invest in the work of tracing fraud funds.

To curb the high incidence of random trading of bank cards, experts believe that in addition to the public security organs need to continue to strengthen the crackdown on telecom network fraud, banks and industrial and commercial departments should also carry out standardized innovation in opening personal bank cards, registering shell companies and opening public accounts.

To curb the sale of personal bank cards, Professor Liu Renwen suggested that the sale of personal bank cards should be included in the scope of criminal law, so that the public has a clear understanding of the sale of personal bank cards.

社科院法学研究所刑法研究室教授 刘仁文:对于这种明知道可能被用于违法犯罪活动的信息,我们去出卖它造成的后果,目前只是从理论上来说有可能构成共同犯罪,那么在实际中我觉得将来可以最高法院、最高人民检察院可以做一些司法解释,区别情况,对于确实有必要纳入刑法打击范围的,我觉得也是可以给他们明确界限,这样也便于公民对于自己的行为有一个明确的认知。



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