Ng interface account opening application

Application entrance

In order to prevent malicious users from registering in batches, the customer service can apply for free during online period, and the applicants who need to apply for online period without customer service can open their own account through the following self-service application (the self-service application may be paid before the merchant can be officially opened)

Hereby pay attention to:

 Figure 1 non ng official website
Figure 1 non ng official website
 Figure 2 non ng official website
Figure 2 non ng official website


1. Self service quick application entry:(wallet free)

2. Self service quick application entry:(transfer wallet)


4. For those who need to change the wallet type (transfer wallet or no transfer wallet), if they need to change after the first or first limit purchase, and there is a limit, they will be regarded as abandoning the current limit. If you do not know, please refer to the question summary.

5、如果是通过我们代理商或者自称我们代理商开的商户,当你首次登录我们商户管理后台即( API管理系统 )如果没有出现修改密码或者是绑定邮箱界面出现,再此请一定留意,这很可能是个倒卖或陷阱账户,找回密码的唯一途径目前是自己绑定的邮箱,如果不是自己邮箱使用这种商户随时可能被人家使用或收回及后期造成无可挽回的损失。

After a merchant opens an account, the API interface is permanently available, and all the Games in the API documents can be used. However, for the merchants who have not used the API for a long time or whose amount is less than 1000, the API interface will be automatically deactivated. After deactivation, you can contact the account holder to re enable it, or contact the official customer service. The official has the right to recycle after the timeout. The account opening interface shall not be reselled. All problems arising from the use of the account provided and purchased by reselling or third party individuals in private shall be exempted from the liability of NG official, and the loss caused shall be handled and borne by ng official.         自己的唯一上级就是开户人,如果联系不到上级,官方郑重提醒请重新到官方渠道开户。商户任何问题咨询都是开户人,为保障各代理商权益,官方客服除开户、代理合作、投诉其他问题不直接面对商户和解答。不少无上级代理的商户经常联系官方客服,不予面对造成的理解错误,这里做下明确说明。商户什么问题请咨询开户人,任何越级咨询官方不予回答。对欺骗商户的代理商,商户可以直接联系或者发送邮件,一经查实官方将永久取消其代理资格将严肃处理。

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